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Retrieve any piece of information placed on the clipboard with this enhanced clipboard manager, even on networked computers.

Ever wanted to save multiple pastes in your clipboard? For example if you want to save some screencaps from your favourite tv show, but you are stuck with the standard windows clipboard the process is really tedious: press ‘print screen’ while watching the movie to get a screenshot, then alt tab to your image processing software, copy paste it onto a new document and save it; and then repeat till you get all the screencaps required. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to skip some of these steps ? Absolutely and that is what Ditto is for: simplifying the copy-paste process on your Windows pc.

ditto program

Ditto Clipboard Manager Overview

Ditto is an open source software designed to enhance your standard clipboard. If you do a lot of copy/cut paste, Ditto will make your life a lot easier. The program is not limited to saving text, it supports a whole bunch of formats from text and images to html and custom formats.

Every item copied to the clipboard is named ‘clip’ and will appear in Ditto’s main windows list. Since it is possible to save all types of formats, each item in the program’s list will have one or more internal type (CF_Text, Html format, Rich Text Format). You can add or deleted types in the ‘Supported Types’ tab of the program’s Options. Clicking right on an item in the list will open a window with lots of choices like: Delete Entry, Edit Click, View Full Description, Properties, Options, etc. You can search clips by description and even full text.

After you download Ditto and save your clips in the program, the next obvious step is to use these clips. Although not intuitive the process is quite simple. You can either drag and drop the clip from Ditto’s window to the program you want to use it in or activate the desired program’s window and then in Ditto hit enter on the selected item. It will be automatically pasted in the desired program’s window, but in both of the 2 methods, the required program must support the standard paste command and the type of clip you are trying to paste. For example you can not paste text in Photoshop, or an image in Notepad.

Ditto is portable and support is provided for both 32 and 64 bits Windows systems. Syncing clipboards from multiple computers is also available, data exchange is encrypted all over the network so rest assured it is kept hidden from prying eyes.


  • can save many different types of information, not just text snippets
  • clips are saved in a database (sqlite)
  • keep multiple computers’ clipboards in sync, data exchanges between them are encrpyted
  • full Unicode support


  • it takes some time to get used to the interface

64 bit, 32 bit

System Requirements:

Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista




Last updated:

2016-03-07 11:48:09


Scott Brogden, Kevin Edwards


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File size:

14.9 MB





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